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Fruits kinds
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Meat Products
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Vegetable types

What We Offer

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  • Food Products

    Taj Agro International, is an Export oriented food processing Mumbai Based company, Marketing all types of tropical fruit pulp/ purees and concentrates, Bulk Frozen and IQF Fruits and Vegetables as per Buyers requirements. Taj agro International thus brings with it a rare blend of proven organizational capabilities, high systems orientation, rich global expertise and more […]

  • Vegetables

    Taj products has already enjoyed unchallenged loyalty of our Agents, Distributors and for most the faith of customers. The consistent Market Research and Development has backbone of our endeavors. As a company we are manufacturing and packing most of the products within framework of our group.

  • Fruits

    strive to provide our global clients with safe, high quality & fresh fruits and vegetables. The company has earned the reputation of a distinguished exporter and supplier by offering healthy and hygienic range of agricultural products at highly affordable prices.

  • Spices

    Includes a variety of spices and herbs grown across the Indian subcontinent. Contrary to popular opinion, curry is not actually a spice, but is a term which refers to any dish in Indian cuisine with a gravy base.

  • Milk Powder

    Milk powders are immensely more stable than fresh milk but protection from moisture, oxygen, light and heat is needed in order to maintain their quality and shelf life. Milk Powders readily take up moisture from the air, leading to a rapid loss of quality and caking or lumping.

  • Seeds

    With the expertise created in the field of agriculture, over the years, along with the right type of research, Agro division of Taj Agro Products has entered into hybrid vegetable seeds. Taj seeds deals in all major vegetable seeds namely, tomato, chili, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, coriander, bhindi, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, brinjal, cucumber and […]

  • Fish

    Fish are classified according to the material which makes up their skeletons.  For example, sharks, skates and rays belong to a group called cartilaginous fish because their skeletons are composed entirely of cartilage.

  • Olives

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Meet your Farmers

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