Banarasi Wedding Saris

Wedding Lehngas in India

The changing fashion trends have led to a sea change in the wardrobe of the modern Indian woman. Today’s woman whether she belongs to the corporate world or is a homemaker, is far more conscious of her appearance than ever before. Now willing to experiment with her clothes, she wants to be traditional yet fashionable, sari being the best option.

Wedding Lehngas
Special collection of wedding lunges, Indian bridal lunges, customizable with done for the beautiful bride to be.

Bridal Wedding Saris
A rich collection of Indian bridal sarees, designer bridal saris and Indian wedding sarees for an ultimate bridal wear collection.

Bandhani Wedding Saris
We present the most colorful bandhani saree range & fine bandhej saris (tie & dye) in latest designs.

Indian Wedding Saris
We present the most colorful India wedding saree range & fine bandhej saris (tie & dye) in latest designs from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Mirror work Wedding Saris
Six yards of cloth. That is all there is to the saree. Yet, this dress worn by millions of Indian women is, by far, the most elegant. It is not merely an outfit but an ornament, lending both grace and glamour to the wearer.

Wedding run smoothly. sari
Sares were very much in fashion in a traditional Indian wedding. In today’s wedding functions woman prefers to wear saris in different styles. Fashion designers have come up with new ways to drape wedding sarees,

Saree makes a woman look graceful, elegant, stylish, and sensuous. But sarees should be draped properly. Here are some tips on how to buy a saree, which suits your personality.

Women who are a bit heavier should buy saris, which are light like georgette, silk chignon or chiffon. For the gorgeous option they can try heavy Mysore silk sarees or silk based Kanjeevaram, which looks beautiful and one tends to look slimmer.

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