Mutton : Beef meat

We are the exporters of boneless and skinless Buffalo meat. We supply hygienic fresh quality well frozen beef. The de-boned and de-glanded meat is packed in Food Grade Polythene and then in sea worthy Cartons of different weight as per buyer’s specifications.

Health Benefits

It contains 25 to 30% proteins.
Health Buffalo meat offered by us is extremely healthy and does not shrink.
Buffalo beef processed by us helps in lowering the cholesterol level up to 45%

Health Benefits : Fore quarter cuts are excellent source of vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, B12 and selenium.

Chucks : Chucks also known as square cut chunks are cut between the 5th and 6th rib plate, briskets and shank. Chunks offered by us are low in calorie, cholesterol but are rich source of iron.

Brisket : Brisket is the straight cut passing between the 5th and 6th rib by a right angle to the chunk.

Neck : Neck supplied by us have long shell life and is one of the fine part of meat. It is seperated from from blade, cross rib and shoulder and contains large amount of fat.

Shin : Shin is one of the economical beef meat offered by us. It is ideal for making the stews and casseroles

Production area

It should be kept in mind that due to social reasons, the consumption of buffalo meat is restricted in India. While over 70% of Indians are non- vegetarian by choice or religious belief, consumption of beef and pork is limited. The slaughter of cow / Bull is prohibited in all but two states (Kerala and West Bengal). Although more emphasis is given on beef imports and states of Delhi, Mumbai, capital cities of in india and others metropolis do witness beef production.


Beef meat available in India is the meat of the water buffalo. The meat consumed is generally lamb or goat, poultry etc. However, per capita consumption of meat, fish and poultry is far below that of the developed countries.