Buffalo meat

Compensated buffalo meat is a non greasy animal protein and is hence low in calories, fats and cholesterol. More so, is healthier than other meats because of its high protein content and non shrinkage quality while cooking. Containing the highest iron content, buffalo meat is the most nutritious form of consumed animal product.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality buffalo meat to our customers all over the world. Our compensated meat products are distinctly superior in quality we obtain them from vendors who raise their cattle in open-air and free-range environments in the style of traditional family farms.

Detailed Product Description

We offer from India Halal Frozen Buffalo meat Boneless packed Compensated Veal: – 60% Bobby veal and 40% Veallegs. Also Buffalo Compensated 60% Fore Quarters and 40% Hind Quarters. Offals: Brain Heart Kidney Liver Spleen Tongue Tail Trotters[Paya]. Bone-in Buffalo and Veal Carcasses cut into four, Sheep carcasses whole and Bone-in Mutton Cubes. Contact us via e-mail by clicking: ” Inquire Now “.

We deals in buffalo/veal meat only whether compensated, Forequarters, Hindquarters, special cutts,4 Cutts,6 cutts Or Offal’s like Heart , Kidney , liver , Tongues etc.

Kindly let us know abt your requirements for the buffalo/Veal meat in order to establish healthy business with your Company

We provide our customers the best and most hygienic fresh and halal boneless buffalo meat that are unparalleled in terms of quality and safety.

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