Egg Protein Powder

What Is Egg Protein Powder?

It is essentially the proteins from an egg, in powdered form. Many people who need to get protein in their diets can use this form of protein in addition to or in place of other proteins such as whey, casein, and soy. It can be consumed with any meal, whereas whey is better for before and after working out because of its fast release and casein protein is best before bed because of its slow release.

The Benefits of Egg Protein Powder

There are many benefits to using egg protein powder. For anyone with allergies to dairy or soy proteins, egg proteins are a perfect solution. They have a high biological index of 88, which means the protein is healthy for the body, offering many of the amino acids it needs. The body can easily convert the protein into muscle. It falls between a fast absorbing protein and a slow absorbing protein, meaning it offers a good balance. It is low in calories and has little fat and carbohydrates, so it gets the body what it needs without adding extra material that could harm a diet or weight loss program. Using an egg protein powder on a regular basis has been shown in scientific studies to reduce the effects and likelihood of over training.
How Egg Protein Powder is Made

Most egg protein powders are made using only the egg white, as this reduces the overall calories, fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates in the product. The process begins with eggs being broken and separated. The yolk is removed from the process at this point so that only the whites are in the powder. At this point, the egg white is filtered and pasteurized. The filtration and pasteurization are to ensure the protein is safe and pure, but does not break down any essential nutrients. The egg is then sent through a drier to make it into the powder before it is packaged

Who Should Use Egg Protein Powder

Most people can use egg protein, as only those who have been told not to do so by a doctor or those who have an allergy to egg products should not. Vegetarians who don’t use dairy products but still allow eggs in their diet will find it to be an excellent way to get the necessary protein and amino acids their body needs. Anyone who is trying to reduce their fat intake and eat a cleaner diet will benefit from egg protein powder. Many years ago, before egg protein powder was created, athletes were drinking raw eggs or raw egg whites, which while protein filled, presented potential health issues, such as salmonella. Egg protein powder offers a much more effective way for people to get the proteins without the risk of health issues. People who do not want to cook and eat eggs on a regular basis or people who do not want to use an egg substitute when they cook a meal could also benefit greatly from using an egg protein powder.

More About Optimum 100% Egg Protein Powder

“Nutritionists commonly refer to eggs as the “golden standard” for protein quality. Eggs contain all eight essential amino acids (the type that your body cannot make from other substances) and very high levels of total amino acids – especially important sulfur-containing aminos. Eggs are also readily digested and absorbed. As a lactose-free protein source, eggs are often more tolerable to people who have trouble with dairy foods. For these and other reasons, eggs have been a staple of bodybuilder’s diets since the beginning of the sport.

Each scoop of Gold Standard 100% Egg packs as contains the nutritional equivalent of seven egg whites with just 2-44 grams of carbs (depending on flavor). It provides a complete profile of essential Amino Acids, Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamic Acid.”

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