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We are one of the renowned companies engaged in processing an exporting of hygienically packed halal meat and other meat products. Our company exports to some of the major international markets and is known for its quality products.

Features Specifications: Frozen Meat Pork

We are seller’s agent for following frozen meat [ Normal and Halal Slaughtering ], as well we provide competitive price with excellent quality :
A) Beef meat : [ Origin Brazil, India and China ]
Brisket, Cap of filet, Cap of rump, Hump, Flat, Top side, Tenderloin, Liver, Tail of Round, Heel, ….
A1) Buffalo meat : [ Origin India ]
A2) Veal Meat : [ Origin China and India ]
We have two kinds of veal meat,one is that the baby bull which is immediately slaughtered after birth, another is that the veal which will be slaughtered after feeding several weeks with only milk,vitamins and minerals.
Our supplier can offer either chilled or frozen veal meat. Chilled veal meat will be only transported by air and frozen veal meat can be shipped by sea.

B) Lamb meat : [ Origin Argentina and China ]
Available products :
B.1) Frozen lamb whole carcass
B.2) Frozen carcass six way cuts :
[2 x front part (fore legs with 5 ribs), 2 x middle part (8 ribs) and 2 x hind leg ]

Min. contracted quantity : 01 x 40 ‘ FCL

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  • Forzen belly strips
  • Forzen pork belly
  • Pork shoulder
  • Frozen Head
  • Forzen boneless skinless