Full Cream Milk Powder


Full Cream Milk Powder
We possess various types of natural milk powder such as skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder; spray dried dairy whitener and dehydrated milk fat. Our wholesale milk powder white colored, free flowing powder. We always make it a point to avoid using any acid or objectionable flavors in our products. We are also counted amongst topmost skimmed milk powder manufacturers in India.

Taj agro Full Cream Milk Powder for Indian Sweets ie Barfi, Penda, Ghari, Gulab Jamun.

For full cream milk powder, we have different grades for baking, ice cream making, yoghurt making and direct drinking. Different packages can be supplied according customers’ requirement.


Milk fat : Max 28%
Moisture : Max 4%
Protein : Approx. 27%
Minerals : Max 7%
Titrable acidity : Max .015%


Our policy is to understand the needs, tastes of the customers by providing them with premium quality products at affordable prices. At Radha, utmost importance is given to quality management systems. We believe in maintaining long term business relationship with our customers. Thus, we meet all the international standards of hygiene and freshness. For us quality plays a vital role

  • Flavor and taste : Creamy taste, free from other objectionable taste and flavor cream
  • Colour : Creamy
  • Fat : 26 % min.
  • Protein : 23.5% min.
  • Lactose : 34-39%min
  • Moisture content : 4 % max.
  • Titratable acidity : 0.15 % max. (expressed as lactic acid)
  • Burnt particles : 15 mg max. i.e. at least disk B
  • Insolubility index : 0.5 ml max. (at 24 ℃)
  • Micro-organisms : 40,000 per gm max
  • coilforms : 90 per 100gm max
  • Mould & Yeast : 40cells/g Max
  • salmonell : Nil

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