Garden Fresh Pure Natural Guava Pulp Extracted From Premium Quality Hand Picked Guava Fruit


The SSMP natural Guava pulp is extracted by commercial processing of properly matured and ripened Guava fruits from the winter harvest and produced in accordance with good manufacturing processes (GMP). Due care is taken to retain the original sweet taste of the fruit. Guava pulp is used mainly for conversion into juices, nectar, drinks, jams, jellies, fruit cheese and fruit bars. Guava juice is an excellent nutritious beverage and natural source of Vitamin C, minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus.. It is frequently used to flavor ice-creams, puddings and yoghurts. It has good potential as a commercial source of pectin. While processing, we take care to retain its ayurvedic benefits to one’s health. Packing 6 number A-10 OTS Cans 6 Cans x 3.1 Kg. per carton 215 Kg. Nett in Aseptic bag Kept in MS drums 1×20’ Container Capacity 1000 cartons of A-10 OTS Cans 80 drums of Aseptic bag T.S.S 9 Deg Brix Minimum Acidity (As Citric Acid) 0.30% – 0.55% Vacuum Negative Pressure Flavour Natural Flavour Colour Creamish White & Pink Physical Appearance Natural colour pulp passed through1/48” mesh sieve size Additives Nil Microbiology Exempt from micro-organsim Salmonella Negative Mould count <1% by Howard Mould Count