Alphonso Mango,Raspuri,Totapuri,Pulp,Concentrate

Mangoes are of different varieties and are named accordingly. The best variety – The Alphonso – comes from a small village named Devgadh, situated within the Konkan belt of the western India and which is known to produce the finest quality of the Alphonso variety. After having eaten these mangoes one can say that Gods have really blessed India with this special fruit.

Devgadh mangoes are specially grown in orchards spread on 100 acres of lands. Devgadh is blessed with soil that is very fertile and ricin minerals and with the sun and humidity that imparts a very unique aroma and flavor to its mangoes. The climate is favorable for the growth of mangoes.

Sizes of the mangoes depend upon the crops. We grow mangoes of various sizes but for our internet clients we deal in just two sizes, viz, Large and Medium. The small ones are kept separate for the domestic resellers & canning purpose.

The stage of ripened mangoes are determined by the time taken for transfer to the final destination of delivery. All mangoes are then thoroughly examined for any skin flaws. This examination is done prior to the mangoes being wrapped in a cushy foam net and are then placed in their subsequent compartments in such a way that the fruit are not in contact with each other. The exterior of the carton is made of strong 5 ply E-Flute. For further and enhanced protection of mangoes bubble sheets are placed above and below the mangoes. Ultimately, each carton is then properly strapped and sealed making a long distance travel worthwhile.