seeds With the expertise created in the field of agriculture, over the years, along with the right type of research, Agro division of Taj Agro Products has entered into hybrid vegetable seeds. Taj seeds deals in all major vegetable seeds namely, tomato, chili, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, coriander, bhindi, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, brinjal, cucumber and watermelon. It is bringing out varieties/hybrids as per the local demands and preferences for particular characteristics in a crop.
Towards this goal, Tajagro seeds has already made arrangements with world class breeders and companies to get excellent seed material for development and promotions. Company commands the association of skilled, accomplished and seasoned professionals in research, production and marketing and we shall be striving to bring to you the best of hybrids and varieties to suit specific requirements on continues basis.

Healthcare and personal hygiene are evolving like never before. It’s to match steps with changing lifestyles; eating habits; work culture; environmental changes and associated ailments or needs. The most reassuring fact about today’s life is that, though after a fifty-year-long slumber, people are going back to nature. Natural foods, natural cosmetics, natural therapies, etc. Taj agro believes, it’s a welcome chan