List of Indian spices

Includes a variety of spices and herbs grown across the Indian subcontinent. Contrary to popular opinion, curry is not actually a spice, but is a term which refers to any dish in Indian cuisine with a gravy base.

pudina (mint) Deggi Mirch, Red Chilly powder (non spicy)
Chironji (charoli) or (Buchanania Latifolia), a type of nut used in making deserts. Chakra Phool (Star anise)
Chhoti Elaichi (Green Cardamom) Badam (Almond)
Badi Elaichi (Black Cardamom) Anardana (Pomegranate seed)
Amla (Indian gooseberry) Ajwain (Carom seed)
Ajmoda (Parsley) Ajmud (Celery or Radhuni seed)
Achar (pickle) Aamchur/Amchoor powder, sour (Mango powder)
Adrak (Ginger) Jaggery (unrefined sugar from sugarcane
Imli (Tamarind) Hara miri miri (Coriander powder)
Hing (Asafoetida) Javitri (Mace)
Hari Mirch (Green chili) Harad/hime (myrobalan chabulic)
Hara dhaniya (Coriander) Haldi/haldi (Turmeric)
Gur (unrefined sugar from the sap of the sugarcane or date palm) Dhania powder (Coriander powder)
Gulab Jal (Rosewater) Dhania (Coriander seed)
Garam Masala (Spice mixture) Dalchini (cinnamon)
Jeera (Cumin) seed Kalonji Nigella seed
Jaiphal (Nutmeg) shitu (lima seed skin)
Menthulu (Fenugreek Seeds) Zaafraan (Saffron)
Vanilla Urad dal (Split Matpe or Beluga Beans)
Tulsi (Holy Basil) Til (Sesame seed)
Thippali (Kabab-chini, Java peppercorn) Tej Patta (Malabathrum)
Tartri (Citric acid) Jethimadh licorice powder
Suwa or Shopa (Aniseed) Sonth (Dried ginger powder)
Soa sag (Dill) Sirka (Vinegar)
Shahi Jeera (Black cumin seed) Saunf/Sanchal (Fennel seed)
Sarson (mustard seed) Citric Acid (Lemo Ka Phool)
Ratin jot (Alkanet root) Rai Kuria (cracked mustard seeds)
Rai (Black mustard seed) Safed Mirchi (White Pepper)
Pilli Mirchi (Yellow Pepper) Phathar ke phool (Black Stone Flower)
Panch Phoron Kadipatta Curry Tree or Sweet Neem leaf
Pyaz or Kanda (Onion) Kala Namak or Sanchal Black salt
Kachra (Capers) Nimbu (Lemon)
Namak (Salt) Naaga Keshar
Sarson Tel Mustard oil Methi seeds (Fenugreek seed)
Methi leaves (Fenugreek leaf) Marathi Moggu
Lavang (Cloves) Lal Mirchi powder (Red chili powder)
Lal Mirchi ( Red chili) Lahsun (Garlic)
Kudampuli Garcinia Cambogia Khus Khus Poppy seed
Kokum Garcinia indica Khajur Dates
Kesar miri miri Saffron pulp Kesar Saffron
Kebab Cheeni (Allspice) Katira Gum (Gond Katira) or Tragacanth Gum
Kasoori Methi (Dried fenugreek leaf)
Kali Mirch (Black peppercorn)
Kaju Cashewnut

India produces a wide range of spices. At present, production is around 3.2 million tonnes of different spices valued at approximately 4 billion US $, and holds a prominent position in world spice production. Because of the varying climates – from tropical to sub-tropical to temperate-almost all spices grow splendidly in India. In reality almost all the states and union territories of India grow one or the other spices. Under the act of Parliment, a total of 52 spices are brought under the purview of Spices Board. However 109 spices are notified in the ISO list.
e offer the finest varieties of As popular Indian cuisine is increasingly becoming the rage of overseas palates, New INDIAN Masala is now available in countries as far flung as the UK, USA, Middle East, Australia, Canada and South East Asia.