Sweet water fish

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Varities of Fresh Water fishes

Pacu- Ribs PACU

Fresh Water, Brazil This freshwater fish is a native of Amazon and Orinoco river systems of
South America. Pacu grows very fast to very large sizes. They can eat almost any food and are now being raised in huge fish farms throughout the world as a food fish, especially in Brazil. The pacu is a popular fish in the Pantanal, valued for its delicious flesh. The large and meaty pacu ribs, whether fried, grilled or barbequed on a spit are a unique and highly appreciated delicacy. Whole pacu is normally prepared by oven baking or grilling on the barbequ.

Perch- Red Whole: PERCHW
Redfish are slow growing fish. Ages in excess of 50 years and lengths of up to 18 to 20 inches have been noted. Considered a deep water fish, redfish can be found in shallower waters during the colder winter months. Redfish prefer a rocky bottom. They are known to hit almost any bait. Although they are considered to be an excellent food fish, they offer fishermen little in the way of a struggle when caught.

Rou get- Red Mullet
The mullet has a bright pink skin with a lovely firm white flesh. It’s quite meaty in texture but does not suffer from excessive bones as many meaty fish do.

It lends itself to shallow pan frying and grilling. This is done quite often without gutting the fish.

Take four red mullet about the length of your hand (enough for 2 hungry people) and scale them, gut them (if you wish) and gently dry them. Slash the flesh three times on each side

Perch- Fillet fish
Salmon is different from the Ocean Trout, in that it has greyish black skin with a deep orange red coloured flesh. Salmon has high levels of Omega 3 and is a very healthy choice for all ages. Grown predominantly in the clean cold waters of Tasmania, Salmon has become quite a delicacy. An excellent quality and well priced fish when whole, Salmon is great for BBQ or baking. When filleted Salmon is exceptional grilled, poached, shallow fried and as sashimi. Available: Cleaned, fins trimmed, cutlets, filleted, butterfly, minced, sashimi.

Fresh Water Fish Rohu
One of the most popular fresh water fish in South East Asia is Rohu. Its scientifc name is labeo rohita and it is a fish of the carp family Cyprinidae. It is majorly eaten in middle East Countries, Bangladesh and Myanmar. In our country. Rohu can be found in weedy and slow flowing, standing rivers, freshwater lakes and ponds.
Rohu is a famed sportfish and often leaping several feet into the air. It is non oily, white fish. The upper body of Rohu has gray red tint colour, the lower body is light golden colour. It is also know as rawas in Hindi and rui in Bengali.

Mackeral- Spanish Fillet
Fresh from Florida, Spanish Mackeral is essentially boneless and has a thin edible skin with no scales. This makes it an extremely popular seafood. Mackeral can be marinated, poached, fried, baked, grilled and smoked. It’s a great sashimi product known as sawara…Mackeral filets should be salted first if frying and be careful not to overcook.