Fresh Grapes

We offer best quality fresh grapes to our client’s at the most affordable price. The grapes are procured from some of the popular manufacturers and are made using advance quality raw materials. We are widely known as one of the affluent white grapes exporters from India. Our grapes go through different quality tests to maintain the quality quotient. Today we are well known as most reliable grapes supplier from India.

EAT offers class I quality Seedless Grapes. Varieties like Thompson, Flame, Black Seedless and Sonaka are available from all seasons..
Grapes are shipped both Airfreight and Seafreight. Airfreight volumes are as per customer requirements and Seafreight shipping is done containerized.

Grapes are packed in a 1 or 2kg corrugated carton.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Fat-free
  • Saturated Fat-Free
  • Sodium-Free


Understanding the types of grapes used in wine and their characteristics is vital for any relevant knowledge of wine. Apart from white and Black grapes come from two main families.

We are offering excellent range of Indian grapes :

Scope of Taj Agro in post-harvest loss reduction of grapes in India With the development of modern agro-techniques, the production of grapes in India has increased many folds in the recent years which have resulted in Indian grapes occupying a major share of the export trade in the global market. Although grapes are non-climacteric fruits and have relatively low physiological activity, yet they are subject to severe water loss following harvests resulting in stem drying, browning, berry drop, wilting and shriveling of berries. Rough handling leads to the loss of natural ‘bloom’ or wax on the surface of berries followed by invasion by several rot-causing micro-organisms, resulting in poor marketing. Therefore, it is essential to use certain post-harvest treatments of bunches with appropriate chemical or fungicide in order to prevent this huge economic loss during post-harvest handling and marketing operations. At present the majority of the grapes in the commercial trade are treated with sulphur compounds either by fumigation or through SO2 generating pads. However, uncontrolled exposure to SO2 leads to severe injury of berries and also leaves undesirable residue in the berries which is of primary concern towards consumer’s health in many countries.

Virosil Agro can play a vital role in minimizing post-harvest losses of grapes through its anti-microbial and anti-senescence properties

Description :
Grapes delivered by Deccan Produce is harvested using proper post harvest procedures and packed in cold houses adjoining the farms. Indian varieties of seedless grapes like Thompson and flame have now delivered direct to Buying houses in Europe.
Nutritional Facts:

Saturated fat-free
EAT offers class I quality Seedless Grapes. Varieties like Thompson, Flame, Black Seedless and Sonaka are available all days


The grape cluster comprises of the farmers, the Grower-exporters, the trader-exporters, farmer-processors, cold storage owners, farmer-industrialists(wine makers) etc. These entrepreneurs are supported by the business development inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, sprayers, pre-cooling units) that affect the performance of this cluster. The success and failure largely depends on the social capital available and level of trust i.e. information sharing, joint procurement of inputs, training of manpower, setting of market centres etc. At the same time, individual farmers may compete with each other at the market place.