TAJ  AGRO business idea is to develop and sell high quality egg based raw materials and semi-manufacturers for the global market. We are serving our customers, who are mainly sauce and bakery manufacturers, by supplying products of optimum quality at the desired price levels.

As a Company in the food industry, TAJ AGRO represents a link in the value chain from raw materials to finished products. So, understanding the entire value chain, right from hen farms to the sauce, cakes etc. is very much essential for developing sustainable global business growth. So, by executing across the entire supply chain, we can achieve sustainable global business growth.

TAJ AGRO cannot fulfill all stated goals without the active help and cooperation of it’s suppliers. Therefore, it becomes our highest priority to develop cooperation with the suppliers that share identical values as TAJ AGRO . All our suppliers must accept and be prepared to be audited by TAJ AGRO.

TAJ AGRO wishes to comply with all internationally acknowledged human rights as per the International Labour Organization’s convention. It is also our consistent endeavour to build business relationships with companies who always support and comply with the same human rights.

Hence, our approach to sustainable global business growth is entirely based on Company’s commitment towards the following main areas:-

  1. Social Practices
  2. Work Place Health and Safety
  3. Supply Chain Management/ Audits
  4. Environmental Health and Safety

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Quality Control Department