TAJ AGRO manufactures quality:

The quality of our finished product through purchasing, production, sales and marketing is of such a standard that all our products live up to the requirements of law, as well as the customers’ reasonable & justified expectations. Hence, we ensure that the work is carried out towards this goal through the daily routine.

Quality through food safety:

Safety is a very important aspect of quality in the production of food. Hence, we work at all levels right from procurement to production and sales with the implementation of comprehensive and preventive programs.

In addition to developing our food safety, it is also very much important to participate in an open communication on various topics. Thus, we are very happy to make ourselves available to our customers with regards to all types of questions.

 Quality depends upon the behaviour of every individual employee:

Every employee contributes to the quality in their respective areas as quality comes from all fields of work, not only in production but also from distribution and administration.

FSSAI Act, 2006:

In order to offer highest quality of food products, TAJ AGRO has for more than 10 years met the requirements of FSSAI and APEDA. This Certification proves that TAJ AGRO always strives to maintain highest possible product quality and food safety. The main aim of our food safety policy is to ensure maximum level of protection of human health as per both the legal and regulatory requirements of each country.

  • We always use approved and high quality of raw materials
  • The safest production process
  • Testing is always done in our own and external laboratory for raw materials and also for finished goods.

All the above discussed points help a customer to get the highest quality of food products.

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Quality Department