Taj Agro goal is to provide every customer with the same valuable service and information, on product knowledge and inventories and availability suited to their own buying needs. We would look forward for your extended business support to host our products at your esteemed supermarkets and hypermarkets to make to to the reach of the consumers spread over local presence and other extended market chain where your group has presence – reach to the market through your esteemed retail – supermarket and hypermarket chain. 

We, Taj Agro strive to provide our global clients with safe, high quality & fresh fruits and vegetables. Our company has earned the reputation of a distinguished exporter and supplier by offering healthy and hygienic range of agricultural products at highly affordable prices.

  • Our Omega 3 is obtained from sources of oily fish. These could include but not be limited to mackerel, salmon and sardines.
  • Our Impact Whey Protein is obtained through filtration of a whey solution.
  • Taj Agro actively sources GMO free products and raw materials.
  • On an average a 24 gram scoop will have 50 grams of protein; this is double the amount of protein from other sources available.
  • Taj Agro Egg Protein is Lactose Free making it ideal for anyone with Lactose intolerance

Q: What is the biological value of your Whey Proteins?

At present, this information is not available for our products.

Q: Is any alcohol used in any of the products?

Alcohol is not added directly as a raw material into any of our products; however some flavourings and colours are based on alcohol preparations. This still allows the products to be suitable for non-alcoholic diets. If you need any further clarification on this matter, please contact our Customer Service team through your account, who will be happy to assist you.

Q: Are our Products GMO Free?

Taj Agro actively sources GMO free products and raw materials.