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 Taj Agro has wide range of egg powder, protein powder, rice, and we are one of largest exporter to Middle East countries of Products like Basmati rice, Spices, other Agro based items. Over the years we have developed an excellent Agro Product basket for manufacturing, processing and trading and simultaneously developing sophisticated infrastructure facilities for Sourcing, Milling/Processing and Shipping.

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Fruits kinds
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Meat Products
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What We Offer following products portfolio for Food Products Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

Taj Agro offers Contract manufacturing of food product development services provide a starting point or the full solution for your next great food product. We also do contract manufacturing of packed food items and a large verity of farming and food products from India. Our wide network in India for outsourcing of right Agricultural commodities combined with years of expertise keeps us many steps ahead of all other Agro traders in the country.

  • Egg Yolk Liquid – Pasteurized

  • Whole Egg Liquid – Frozen

  • Egg Albumin Liquid – Frozen

  • Egg Yolk Liquid – Frozen Salted/Sugared

  • Whole Egg Powder

    Hen Whole Egg Powder

  • Egg Yolk Powder

    Pasteurized Spray Dried Egg Yolk Powder (Hen Egg Yolk Powder) APPLICATION: Doughnut Premix, Bakery Products, Pasta Premix, Mayonnaise, Biscuits, Cookies, Wafers. Process is under HACCP Guidelines:·Critical parameters are recorded for each batch and history of each batch is stored in the database.·Factory systems and procedures are under regular and strict surveillance from Export Inspection Agency […]

  • Egg Albumin Powder

    DRIED EGG ALBUMEN POWDER Dried Egg Albumen replaces fresh egg white (albumen) in foods ranging from angel food cakes to high protein bars to fish cakes and sausages. Egg albumen is a very efficient protein, forming a complex structural support when mixed with other ingredients. As it is heated, the egg albumen structure coagulates, creating […]

  • Pea Protein

Meet Our Farmers

Taj Agro pride that some of our Indian farmers are our very own village heroes, who through years of effort, rode a wave of change in the field of Indian agriculture. These hardworking farmers are back bone of our company and sole of our great nation.