Casein Hydrolysate (Enzyme Digest Casein) Protein- 85%

Casein Hydrolysate ( Lactium)

For Treatment of Insomnia & Stress Relieving Formulation)

Casein Protein Hydrolysate Powder (75-80%, 55-60% & 30%)

Casein Hydrolysate (Lactium){Casein Enzyme Digest}

Enzyme casein digest (for stress relief) an enzymatic hydrolysate of casein (milk protein) used in relieving stress & treatment of insomnia. Enzyme digest of casein provides a calming effect in patient with stress. It is a low sodium & lactose & can be used in various protein formulations.

Enzyme casein digest is used in the form of protein powder along with vitamins & minerals also used in compressed tablets or capsules, syrups & drops.

It is also incorporated in dairy products & probiotics like yogurts, milk etc. & also used as a protein source in bakery & confectionery preparations.

ProductCasein Hydrolysate (enzyme casein digest) lactium
ApplicationsIt is used in wide range of nutraceutical & health care preparations to reliving stress & treatment of insomnia and also incorporated in dairy products & probiofics.
DescriptionA fine, free flowing spray dried powder containing amino acids derived from high quality casein protein by enzymatic hydrolysis.
ColourCreamy light yellow coloured powder.
Solubility10 % solution is clear.
Ph of 10 % solution6. 00 to 8. 00 at 270c.
Loss on dryingNMT 7. 00 % w/w as estimated by aoac method.
Chemical parameters: (on dry wt. Basis)
Total nitrogen (n)NLT 13. 33 % w/w estimated by kjeldahl’s method.
Total protein (n x 6. 38)NLT 85. 00 %w/w as estimated by kjeldahl’s method.
Microbiological parameters:
Total plate countNMT 10,000 cfu per gram.
Yeast & mouldsAbsent.
E. Coli.Absent.
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