Soya Protein Hydrolysate Liquid- 50 %

Specification Data Sheet

ApplicationsThe Predigested Protein Are Recommended As Food Supplement In
Nutraceuticals & Health Care Preparations In The Form Of Liquid Tonic,
Drops, High Protein Foods, Etc.
DescriptionA Light Yellow Colored Clear Liquid Containing Amino Acids, Short Chained
Peptides Derived From High Quality Non GMO Soya By Controlled
ColorLight Yellow Colored Clear Liquid
Solubility100 % Miscible In Water
pH OF 10 % Solution(V/V)4.50 – 6.50 AT 270C Or As Per Requirement.
Chemical Parameters:
Total Nitrogen (N)NLT 6.40 % W/W As Estimated By Kjeldahl’s Method
TOTAL PROTEIN (N X 6.25)NLT 40.00% W/W As Estimated By Kjeldahl’s Method.
Microbiological Parameters:
Total Plate CountNMT10,000 CFU Per Gram
Yeast & MouldsAbsent.
E. Coli.Absent.

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