Few Benefits:

  • It promotes lean muscle mass growth
  • It helps with muscle protein synthesis
  • Protects against eczema and allergic conditions in kids
  • Helps you feel fuller, eat lesser
  • Aids in recovery from exercise
  • Lowers cholesterol

Types of Whey Protein Available :

1. Whey Protein Hydrolysate:

Taj Agro Hydrolysate or hydrolyzed whey is whey that has been pre-digested. It gets absorbed faster than the other forms. Hydrolyzed whey is responsible for a 28-43% more spike in insulin level than whey in the isolate form.

2. Whey Protein Isolate:

Taj Agro Isolate whey protein contains 90% protein and sometimes, even higher. It contains less fat and lactose as well as lesser beneficial nutrients than is found in whey protein concentrate.

3. Whey Protein Concentrate:

Our whey protein in concentrate form contains around 70-80% protein. It also contains lactose and fat. Overall, it is the most delicious of all the whey protein variants.

Whey protein powders and supplements are a healthy and effective way in which you can contribute more protein content to your regular diet. It is a stellar source of protein which is seamlessly absorbed by our body.