Tamarind paste is just the fruit (separated from the pod and seeds) of the tamarind tree made into a ready-to-use cooking paste. Tamarind is a sticky, sour-tasting fruit that grows in large brown pods on the tamarind tree, a common fruit tree that grows all over Asia. The fruit is removed from the pods and must be separated from the seeds in order to use it. The taste of tamarind fruit is very sour, so whatever recipe you’re making will need sugar or some kind of sweetener. The texture of tamarind is very sticky and paste-like, and the colour of tamarind fruit is dark brown. In Thai cooking, tamarind is used for a variety of dishes, tamarind is also a common ingredient in Indian and Mexican cuisines.


  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial Flavours(water,Tamarid,Preservative INS211 )
  • Perfect taste and Texture
  • Hyigenic Kitchen Operations
  • Suitable for any dish which Demand Tamarid
  • Use Hommade Tamarind Paste in Rasam, sambhar, theeyal, aviyal, variety of chutneys & tamarind rice recipes

Tamarind Puree I Paste Processor I Taj Agro I

We are the processors and suppliers of Tamarind Pulp Extract, directly extracted from tamarind fruits. We provide the finest quality Tamarind extract, which is used in china and in other europian countries for ice cream preparations. Special care is taken so that it does not cross a specific acidity level during the processing stage; eventually ensuring the best outcome. These are packed and sealed in special packs to maintain a longer shelf life.

Tamarind Pulp is also used in certain ayurvedic preparations used for medicinal purposes.

Taj Agro Tamarind paste makes you enjoy the authentic tanginess of tamarind with no seed in it and no hard brown cover to block your reach to the pulpy flesh inside.

Taj Agro is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Tamarind Puree I Tamarind Paste in India.

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