Egg Albumen Powder

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Desugared Spray Dried Hen Egg Albumen Powder (EGG WHITE POWDER)

Dried Egg Albumen replaces fresh egg white (albumen) in foods ranging from angel food cakes to high protein bars to fish cakes and sausages.

Taj Agro provides the best range of Pasteurized Spray Dried Hen Egg White Powder, Pasteurized Spray Dried Hen Egg Yolk Powder, Desugared Spray Dried Hen Egg Albumen Powder and Heat Stable Yolk Powder with effective & timely delivery.

Egg albumen is a very efficient protein, forming a complex structural support when mixed with other ingredients.

As it is heated, the egg albumen structure coagulates, creating rigidity in the product. This is called gel strength, and is a measurement of albumen’s binding capacity.

When albumen is beaten, its volume increases by six to eight times. Eventually it stiffens and forms soft peaks. The air bubbles trapped in the liquid become smaller and smaller and the liquid loses its flow of properties – the energy transferred to the egg white causes it to coagulate and create the structure of the whipped egg albumen. Acting as a natural leavener, egg albumen is the key to angel food cake and meringues.

When beaten egg albumen is incorporated into a batter, it serves as a structural web. In the oven, the trapped air expands until the egg white coagulates and the structure is fixed.

Egg albumen is recognised as an excellent natural source of protein, containing all the essential amino acids. It is used as a food supplement, on its own or blended with other nutritional components.

The Albumen Powder is supplied in 20kg corrugated cartons, with plastic-liners.


Dried Egg Albumen Powder
Pasteurized Spray Dried Hen Egg White Powder

  • Applications: Cakes,  Pastries, Pancakes, Mixes,  Pasta, Mayonnaise,  Omlettes, Cooked Dishes, Baby Foods, Bakery and Confectionery Products,  Ice Creams, Salad Dressings etc
  • Directions for use: Mix one part of Whole Egg powder with three parts of water by weight.  Preferably the Whole Egg Powder should be mixed with other dry ingredients before adding water.
  • Packing: In Export worthy 5 ply CFB boxes, each containing 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20 Kgs. net in polybags.
  • Storage: Dry at 20 Degree Centigrade.
  • Product Code: TG-102
  • Test Paramater Standards
  • Physical

Applications : Sweets, Chocolates, Cakes, Pastries, Macronis, Croquettes,Marshmallow, Candies, Angel Cakes, Bakery and Confectionery items, Health Foods etc.

Directions for use : Mix one part of Egg White powder with seven parts of water by weight.

Packing : In Export worthy 5 ply CFB boxes, each containing 20 Kgs. net in polybags.

Storage : Dry at ambient temperature.

Product Code : TG-102

Test Parameter Standards
Moisture : 8.0 (Max.)
pH : 7.0 – 8.0
Fat : 0.40% to 0.60%
Protein : 78.0% (min.)
Ash : 6.0 (max.)
Solubility : 95.0% (min.)
Reducing Sugars : 0.3% (max.)
Taste & Odor : Normal
Colour : Normal
Impurities : Nil
Granulation : 100% through 80 mesh
Additives : Nil


Standard plate count : 5000 count (Max.)
Coliform count : < 0.3/g (Max.) Enterobacteriaceae Count/g : 10/g (max) E. Coli : Negative / g Salmonella sps : Negative / 250 g Staphylococcus aureus : Negative / g (cogulase positive) Yeast & mold : 10/g (max.)

4 reviews for Egg Albumen Powder

  1. Sadda Reddy

    Nice product for a protein source. Since I have lactose intolerance and diabetic this kind of egg protein has been a great substitute.

  2. Rahul

    The egg powder is excellent , it just tasted like the fresh egg when used for scrambled egg. The delivery was very quick and prompt.
    Packaging was very strong and attractive. I received the product in a very presentable way. 5 Star Taj Agro Team

  3. Lucky Malhotra

    Thank you Taj Agro.. I am very found of cakes i use this product sepcialy for making cakes.. Very easy inside of egg we can use this whole egg powder.. Lovely

  4. Aayushmaan Singh

    Although mixability is quite low with water and even with milk for most egg white powder i purchased; But Taj Agro Egg Powder was very small mash size; i.e. very fine powder, dissolved very well in water n milk.
    if you have shaker its best . Taste is not so bad as it is well tolerated if you mix it with milk, cocoa powder or with any juice. This trick really works if you want high amount of protein(10 eggs) just with one scoop(whoa).
    you know what some healthy things are really bad in taste but you have to bear it for your good health. life is yours and choice is yours.

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