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What is Pink Guava pulp and Puree?

Pink guava is a tropical fruit which is known for its unique taste, aroma and pink colored pulp. Guavas are categorized based on the color of their flesh. The Pink Guava pulp and Puree is sweeter than White Guava Pulp/Puree and has a stronger aroma.

The Pink colored flesh is due to the presence of a pigment called carotenoid. This is the same pigment that gives distinct color to the carrots and tomatoes. Though the pink guava has its origin in South America, it is also abundant in many areas of Asia and South Africa. In India, the pink guava is predominantly cultivated in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Taj Agro Products, being one of the reputed Pink guava pulp, Puree manufacturers in India, produces Pink guava pulp, Puree from the high quality guava fruits, maintaining commercial sterility without losing the fresh flavour of the fruit. Our company’s Pink Guava Pulp, Puree is well accepted by a variety of customers that makes us a reputed supplier worldwide.

How do we process Pink Guava Pulp, Puree?

Taj Agro aseptic Pink guava pulp, Puree is manufactured from high quality and selected pink guava fruits. Once the pink guava fruits reach our factory, it is inspected and fed into the conveyor belt for sorting and processing. The pink guava fruits are washed with fresh and water disinfectant to remove dust and dirts. The Pink Guava Puree, Pulp is then subjected to a decantation process to control the grit level. The pulp is also passed through magnetic traps and metal detectors to eliminate foreign matter. The sterilization process makes the pink guava pulp free from pathogens and other microorganisms. The product is packed in aseptic bags in MS drums with a poly-liner bag inside.

The Pink Guava Puree, Pulp is extracted and processed at our factory under strict hygienic conditions. Our experienced professionals in the process line and continuous monitoring by quality team make sure we deliver a high quality product.

Fruit Harvesting Seasons in India:

January, February, March and December

Specifications For Pink Guava Pulp/ Puree {Taj Agro}:


AppearanceUniform, homogeneous smooth, free from fibers and any and foreign extraneous matter
Aroma & favourCharacteristic prominent, well-expressed aroma of natural ripe Pink/White Guava and free from any offensive flavour. Particularly free from scorched, oxidized or caramelized flavour.
TastePleasant typical acidic sweet taste of natural ripe Pink/White Guava. Free from any objectionable off taste and after taste

Deep pinkish & Milky to Creamy White
Brix9 o Min.
Acidity0.45 – 0.60 Min. (As % anhydrous citric acid W/W)
pH at 20 °C3.75 – 3.95
Consistency8 – 12Cm/30sec. [Bostwick]
Brown specks< 10 no per 10 gms.
Black specksNil per 10 gms


Total Plate Count
Yeast and Mold
<50 CFU per gram.
<20 CFU per gram.
Absent per gram
Absent per gram
Taj Agro Pink Guava Pulp/Puree is packed aseptically in pre-sterilized aseptic bags placed with poly-liner in food-grade epoxy painted (inside) open-top MS drum.
Product Net weight: 220 Kgs / Drum.
Custom Made: Cane / Jars/ Containers as per Export Standards
80 Drums Per 20’ Container ( With Pallet or Without pallet packing – optional).
Taj Agro Pink Guava, Pulp, Puree should be stored at ambient temperature and not below 40C. Avoid exposure to higher temperature and sunlight.
Best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Main Usage of Taj Agro Pink Guava Pulp / Puree / Concentrate :

Taj Agro Pink Guava, pulp, puree is used in various food processing industries and gaining popularity among the Pineapple juice manufacturers in India because of their numerous applications and health benefits.

  • Bakery and Confectionery: Toppings, fruit bread, Cakes, and fruit fillings.
  • Dairy Desserts, Yoghurts, Milkshakes and ice-creams.
  • Baby foods: Drinks, cereals, and drinks.
  • Beverages: Cocktails, nectars, fruit drinks, and juice.
  • Other foods: Jellies, squashes, fruit bars, and mixed fruit jams.

Health Benefits of Pink Guava Pulp/Puree/ Concentrate:

  • Pink guava pulp is rich in vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that slows down your ageing process and improves your hair and skin health
  • Pink guava contains manganese which improve your bone density when combined with calcium and reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Pink guava puree has magnesium which helps in proper functioning of nerves and muscles. Magnesium also improves sleep quality and prevents insomnia.
  • Pink guava is rich in phosphorus that grows, maintains and repairs tissue and cells. Phosphorus along with calcium makes your bone and teeth stronger.
  • Pink guava pulp is rich in vitamin B that keeps your nervous system healthy and improves the growth of red blood cells.

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