Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Product and Company Identification
    • 2.1 Product Name
    • 2.2 Product Code
    • 2.3 Contact Information
  3. Composition and Information on Ingredients
    • 3.1 Dehydration Process
    • 3.2 No Added Ingredients
  4. Hazards Identification
    • 4.1 Acute Health Effects
    • 4.2 Carcinogenic Effects
    • 4.3 Mutagenic Effects
    • 4.4 Toxicity Effects
  5. First Aid Measures
    • 5.1 Eye Contact
    • 5.2 Skin Contact
    • 5.3 Inhalation
    • 5.4 Ingestion
  6. Fire and Explosion Data
    • 6.1 Flammability
    • 6.2 Explosive Properties
  7. Accidental Release Measures
    • 7.1 Spillage Removal (Dry)
    • 7.2 Spillage Removal (Wet)
  8. Handling, Storage & Shelflife
    • 8.1 Recommended Storage
    • 8.2 Shelf Life
  9. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
    • 9.1 Personnel Safety
    • 9.2 Personal Protection in Case of a Large Spill
  10. Physical and Chemical Properties
    • 10.1 Physical State and Appearance
    • 10.2 Odor, Taste, and Color
    • 10.3 Volatility
    • 10.4 Chemical Description
  11. Stability and Reactivity Data
    • 11.1 Stability
    • 11.2 Corrosivity
    • 11.3 Reactivity
  12. Toxicological Information
  13. Ecological Information
  14. Disposal Considerations
  15. Transport Information
    • 15.1 Identification & Provisions for Transport
  16. Other Regulatory Information
  17. Conclusion


When it comes to understanding the safety of products we use, knowledge is key. This article delves into the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Pasteurized Spray Dried Hen Egg Yolk Powder, providing valuable insights into its composition, hazards, first aid measures, and much more.

Product and Company Identification

2.1 Product Name

The official name of the product is Pasteurized Spray Dried Hen Egg Yolk Powder, ensuring a clear identification for consumers.

2.2 Product Code

Each product has a unique identifier, and in this case, the product code is ’10’.

2.3 Contact Information

For any inquiries or concerns, TAJ AGRO can be reached at their registered office in Mumbai, India.

Understanding the Material Safety Data Sheet for Pasteurized Spray Dried Hen Egg Yolk Powder is essential for ensuring product safety. By adhering to recommended storage conditions, handling guidelines, and being aware of potential hazards, consumers can make informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Pasteurized Spray Dried Hen Egg Yolk Powder safe for consumption?

Yes, the product is deemed non-toxic.

  1. How should I handle a spillage of the powder?

Depending on whether it’s a dry or wet spillage, follow the recommended removal methods outlined in the MSDS.

  1. What is the shelf life of the product?

The product has a shelf life of one year under recommended storage conditions.

  1. Are there any special precautions during transportation?

Yes, ensure sanitary conditions and avoid contaminations during transport.

  1. How often is the MSDS information updated?

The information is last updated on 20th January 2023, and users are advised to verify its suitability for their purposes.