Unleashing the Pinnacle of Quality: A Comprehensive Analysis of Technical Specifications by Taj Agro

In the realm of egg processing, the pursuit of excellence is not merely a goal but a continuous journey. Taj Agro, a pioneering force in the industry, stands as a testament to unwavering commitment and meticulous attention to detail. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Taj Agro’s technical specifications, specifically tailored for their Egg Processing Division.

Physico-Chemical Marvel: A Symphony of Taste, Odor, and Color

Taste & Odour: Elevating the Ordinary to Extraordinary

In the pursuit of perfection, Taj Agro adheres to stringent standards, ensuring that the taste and odor of their products remain nothing short of exceptional. The benchmark set for taste and odor is nothing less than extraordinary.

Color Harmony: A Visual Delight

Taj Agro takes pride in delivering products with a color profile that defines excellence. With a commitment to maintaining normalcy, the products consistently showcase a visually delightful hue that resonates with the highest quality standards.

Granulation: Precision at Its Core

The granulation process at Taj Agro is a marvel in itself. With an exacting requirement of passing through a 50 No mesh, the result is a product that embodies precision and consistency, setting the bar for industry standards.

Moisture Content: A Balancing Act

Recognizing the critical role moisture plays in product quality, Taj Agro ensures that the moisture content remains at a maximum of 8.0%, preventing any compromise in the integrity of their offerings.

pH Balance: A Scientific Symphony

The pH balance of 7.52 is not just a number; it is the result of scientific precision at Taj Agro. Maintaining a delicate equilibrium between acidity and alkalinity ensures products of the highest caliber.

Fat, Protein, and Ash: The Triumvirate of Nutritional Excellence

Taj Agro’s commitment to nutritional excellence is evident in the minimum fat content of 0.2%, the minimum protein content of 80.0%, and a maximum ash content of 5.4%. These parameters underscore the dedication to delivering products that stand as paragons of health and well-being.

Reducing Sugar: Striving for Purity

Taj Agro sets a stringent limit of a maximum of 0.1% for reducing sugar, emphasizing the purity and wholesomeness of their products.

Emulsion Capacity and Stability: A Technological Triumph

The emulsion capacity of a minimum of 450 ml and stability at a minimum temperature of 58 degrees Celsius are not just benchmarks; they signify a technological triumph that ensures the products meet and exceed customer expectations.

Gel Strength and Solubility: Where Strength Meets Dissolvability

Taj Agro’s products redefine the norms with a minimum gel strength of 1205 gm/cm2 and a solubility percentage of 27. These parameters reflect the delicate balance achieved, where strength seamlessly meets dissolvability.

Microbiology Mastery: Ensuring Purity Beyond Measure

Standard Plate Count: A Commitment to Purity

With a maximum allowable standard plate count of 900 cfu/g, Taj Agro leaves no room for compromise, ensuring that each product is a paragon of purity.

Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli, Salmonella, and Staph. aureus: A Stringent Negation

The absolute absence of these microbiological entities speaks volumes about Taj Agro’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Yeast & Mold Count and Total Count: Setting the Bar Low

Taj Agro not only meets but surpasses expectations with yeast and mold counts of less than 10/g and a total count less than 250/g. These parameters underscore their dedication to setting the bar low for contaminants.

Bacillus Cereus: A Rare Find

With a maximum limit of less than 10/g for Bacillus cereus, Taj Agro ensures that their products are a rare find, free from this potential contaminant.

Storage Instructions: Caring for Quality

The concluding note emphasizes the importance of storing Taj Agro’s products in a cool and dry place, underscoring the company’s commitment to maintaining the quality and freshness of their offerings.

Taj Agro’s technical specifications set a benchmark that transcends industry norms. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Taj Agro continues to redefine standards in egg processing, making every product a testament to their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

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